How to Choose the Right Lights for Your School Auditorium

September 29, 2017

Lighting can make or break an event, whether a church sermon or a school play. If the lighting is bad, all the other elements you worked so hard on won’t matter. When it comes to finding the right lighting setup for your school auditorium, the first step is to hire an experienced audio, video, and lighting (AVL) technician. This will save you a lot of time, stress, and money, as an AVL team will be able to advise you on what will work for your space, and what won’t. Given the technology and options available today, poor lighting is simply not acceptable and shouldn’t even be an option.

In order for your audience – no matter who they are – to have a positive experience at your school event, it is imperative you don’t miss a step. When it comes to lighting, there are tons of different directions to go and ways to take a given performance to the next level. When done in conjunction with a sophisticated audio setup, the right lighting can completely transform a space and enhance whatever happens to be gracing the school stage. This is why it is so important to work with an AVL company and make sure your theater lights are done right.

Here are a few tips for lighting your school auditorium:

  • Consider any reflective surfaces and how the light will glare on the audience
    • You want to avoid blinding your audience and making it so they can’t see what’s going on because of a glare or poor lighting!
  • Focus on the space’s architectural finishes that are dark and have a matte finish
    • This will help cut down on any reflection or glare that could cause a problem for the audience
  • Keep in mind that some lights may emit an audible hum
    • The impact of this subtle noise on the acoustics and your audience’s experience should be taken into consideration
  • Make sure you are using the highest quality lights and features, including the dimming system
    • A poor quality dimming system or light setup can have a negative impact on your audience’s experience
  • Take into consideration the different ways the school auditorium will be used
    • For example, for plays, speakers, musical performances, and lectures
  • Make sure you buy any necessary accessories, such as moving lights and fog machines
    • Lighting accessories are a great way to complement an already successful lighting setup
  • Use lights to hide certain features, such as support structures or catwalks
    • Lights can do much more than just illuminate, they can also hide things you don’t want your audience to see

Having the right lighting setup is so important, just as it is to have great acoustics and video capabilities. To learn more about our Dallas-Fort Worth AVL services, please contact 4Stage AVL today.

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